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First visit in Silivri

Arrest under the scope of the fatwa investigations in the U.S. Consulate General of Istanbul, which caused a visa crisis with Washington, Metin Topuz, was visited by lawyers yesterday in Silivri prison. Lawyers do not have any restrictions on sight...

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As liaison officer at US Consulate General of Istanbul, he was detained on charges of connection with fetus and arrested on October 4 Metin Topuz, yesterday lawyers Selman Alibaş and Halit Akalp and SILIVRI criminal execution institutions Campus He visited. The interview lasted about 2 hours. "There is no restriction on this issue, terms of law are already in question," he said in a statement to reporters at prison exit. So we did our interview. During detention period, we discussed with our client under conditions of law. We don't have any problems with that. We have a very comfortable conversation right now, "he said. ' He was interviewed 3 times in custody ' He suggested that US side bun was not interviewed by lawyers. Istanbul Republic Chief Prosecutor's Office said yesterday that he did not come to request of talks with Bun's family and lawyers while denying allegations. The explanation is: "Suspicious Mehmet Topuz, 7-day detention period on September 25th, same day, communicated to his wife, Fedö/Pdy to be a member of armed terror organization of accused of a custody decision in accordance with lawyers of suspect 5 days to interview Restricted. Due to expiration of 7-day detention period and ongoing investigation process, 2 October 2017 has been given additional detention period for 3 days and has been notified to his lawyer. In detention process, suspect was given opportunity to meet with defender Av. Selman alibaş and Av. Halit Akalp on 30 September 2017, October 2, 2017, October 3, 2017. On October 3, 2017, statement began with lawyers and was completed on same day in 23.50. On October 4, 2017, chief prosecutor's Office of Istanbul police sent suspect to ' attempt to eradicate Government of Republic of Turkey ', ' to provide political and military information to a part of state to remain confidential ', ' Feö/pdy To be a member of armed terror organization ' arrested by request of arrest for his crimes, Istanbul 11, detention of magistrate's attorney, after interrogation of participation of lawyers were detained. a week's interview As with all terror crimes, bun has been granted right to interview with or people except family Effi and his defender, but once a week, he is entitled to defence and his family. " Istanbul Chief Prosecutor's office yesterday, "No need for a meeting request by both family members and lawyers on agenda of prosecutor's attorney on October 11th by calling his wife and lawyer Silivri prison administration The information was made. The visit was received by lawyer Selman Alibaş on October 13th (yesterday), "Topuz's lawyers went to Silivri after announcement. Lawyers Selman Alibaş and Halit Akalp, met with his clients. The press visit showed great interest.


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