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“We are not gods, nor faith, but we have guitars and scenarios”

The Foo Fighters presented in Barcelona its new album, ‘Concrete and Gold’, in a secret concert. “Music should make you feel safe,” says their leader, Dave Grohl

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“We are not gods, nor faith, but we have guitars and scenarios”
  • The universal deluge of Foo Fighters
  • Foo Fighters will return in September with ‘Concrete and Gold’, its ninth discoFoo Fighters will return in September with ‘Concrete and Gold’, ir ninth disc

Only Foo Fighters can get that cold and sumptuous halls of a luxury hotel five-star finish by seem room of a colleague where it speaks of rock and rollcomo if re is no or thing more important in world. “Music is my fucking life”, release Dave Grohl, leader of american group, sitting in a large sofa silver. Grohl gesticulates non-stop, with a look full of shine behind his glasses black paste. It is difficult not to share in his enthusiasm. His vocabulary of body is as alive and intense as songs of band that was created in 1994 following death of Kurt Cobain and demise of Nirvana, ir previous group. Songs that have marked more than one generation and have been converted to Foo Fighters at a social event planetary. “The music influenced a way a determining factor in my life. Try to happen same with people who follow us. It is a style of life and comes out of deep of one.”

Grohl (Warren, Ohio, 1969) has gift of word, that you can drift at times in a verbiage unstoppable. Seated next to him is drummer Taylor Hawkins, who intervenes less, and that Grohl touches leg of good vibes for it to do so. When it does, dressed up with his hat and his look feline, such as by examining environment, Taylor shoots just as blunt: “Uncle, this may be a joke, but it can also be everything that you have. For us to be in a scenario can only be possible with a positive attitude. This is cool.”


Rock of truth

it Is Saturday afternoon and Foo Fighters just landed in Barcelona, where he presented last night at a private concert in sala BARTS his new album, Concrete and Gold, published Friday. A surprise performance that has had people in suspense for hundreds of fans of all ages. Unlike so many formations, generational, Foo Fighters is a band that doesn't stand mainstream audience as ir sound is fast-paced and feisty brings some rock purists as mere amateurs. “Today, we have stopped on street a lot of people and we said, ‘you Are real rockers’. Ors told us: ‘What you touch with a broken leg, that is rock, guys’. There were many kids," says bassist Nate Mendel. “It's fun. Young people likes this. We are not gods, nor faith, but we have guitars and scenarios,” adds guitarist Chris Shiflett.

What shit of reggaeton?

Dave Grohl liked to tell anecdotes and in hotel of Barcelona decides that re is one that struck him recently. He was told that one of ir songs seemed to have rimo of a reggaeton. “But what shit of reggaeton?”, says altered without losing smile. “If this base is taken from or songs that have nothing to do with that which he has given you by singing Justin Bieber”, explains to later comment that people have become crazy with this style and see up to where it is not.

Taylor Hawkins and Chris Shiflett, his companions, or even know what song it is, Slowly, that, apart from being sung by Bieber, has broken all records for reproductions on Internet. “The best thing versionamos in a concert. What do you think of Taylor?”, question Grohl. “Shit,” responds drummer.

as Rolling Stones symbolize golden age of rock and roll and thrust of counter-culture youth of sixties, despite undeniable passing of time and ir conversion irreparable in a multinational music, Foo Fighters, whose first album came out just a year after suicide of Kurt Cobain, is representation world of era of nineties, generation X that came on margins of consumer society in american with his plaid shirts and his existentialism disenchanted. That was last great musical movement that captured psychology emotional of a generation, and something also determinant: attention of business. But Grohl ensures that no one else thought of it or expected it: “we Were a marginalized. What we didn't know is that re were so many. In school people like me we jodían every day. We don't do sports, we didn't understand books, or what was that of museums. The music was life in street, a place where you meet your true friends”. And he recognizes his inheritance before hardcore american of eighties, a genre underground to which he belonged before his entry into Nirvana when he joined Washington in 1985 to Scream. Bands like Hüsker Dü, Bad Brains or Dead Kennedys opened ir mind and that of many with his vision breaking and your live thread with slap punk of seventies. “They were pure energy. The looked and said: do Uncle, all of that is what I want to do?”, explains humming a song and moves as if he would touch battery. “They gave us message picks up an instrument, get toger with a colleague and get yourself album”, he adds.


The role of star

The founder and leader of Foo Fighters, you could be studying in any business school for his instinct for business and a magnificent public relations role. Also for his ability to pilot a transatlantic commercial as this group without losing essences of attitude alternative. “Feel safe with songs. It is only message that you must have music,” she said, joining forward on couch. But real life is anor. Recently, y have been icons like Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. “It is not funny. I tell m: ‘do you Want me to tell you all shit that I have seen of this people who are hooked to drugs, who did not get out of depressions?’. It's a fucking shit”.

And points to importance of knowing that his role of rock star does not have any responsibility to anyone. “Take care of my family, of my children, of my surroundings, of me... to See that all is well. That is my only responsibility. And music works for me with that. A moment...” he says, and stops doing a aspaviento with hand. “This is not a message rocker. People forget, but, fuck, re's anor thing.”

Work is complex and ambitious

Concrete and Gold is album's most psychedelic band, and in which it has been sought to develop ideas that can't pick m up on a direct. “I was really concerned about process of composition. This evolution has to have whole band in sound. I thought: ‘why can't we try to make a disk that costs us of truth lead to direct?’. I said to myself: ‘fuck him. Since we survive,” remembers Dave Grohl, leader of Foo Fighters.

this painting Is more complex in arrangement, that has counted for first time with contribution of Greg Kurstin, successful producer of Hello from Adele and that ir payroll has productions with international stars like Katty Perry, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lily Allen and, more recently, last of Liam Gallagher and Beck.

in Addition, with a view to sound more expanded, disk retains ferocity characteristic of Foo Fighters.


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