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The highest finance ministry to be paid

The highest public administration of the budget allowance offer was the Ministry of Finance with 177.4 billion lira, while the Treasury was ranked third in 97.9 billion pounds, with the Ministry of National Education, 92.5 billion pounds.

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The finance ministry was highest public administration of budget allowance offer for next year with 177.4 billion lira. The Treasury was ranked third with 97.9 billion lira, and Ministry of National Education, 92.5 billion pounds. In mid-term financial Plan (2018-2020), public administrations and private budget administrations in general budget were included in 2018 year budget allowance offer ceilings.

The first 3 administrations who allocated most share in budget allowance did not change this year. Accordingly, a transfer allowance for financing of budget deficit of various public institutions has been met, and Finance Ministry has allocated 177 billion 435 million 423 thousand lira. The Treasury was ranked second with a 97 billion 893 million 775 thousand lira, while Ministry of National Education followed institution of 92 billion 528 million 652 thousand lira in appropriations ceiling.

Labour and Social Security ministry 59 billion 720 million 630 thousand lira, Ministry of National Defense 40 billion 402 million 239 thousand lira, Ministry of Health 37 billion 479 million 416 thousand lira, Ministry of Family and Social policy 26 billion 690 million 506 thousand lira, Security General Directorate of 27 billion 792 million 655 thousand lira allowance was allocated.

The allowance of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and livestock was 21 billion 676 million 673 thousand lira, and benefit of Ministry of Transport, Maritime and telecommunications was 14 billion 945 million 751 thousand lira.

Special budget Administrations

In medium-term financial Plan, budget of 2018 of special budget administrations was also included in proposal ceiling. Accordingly, 12.9 billion lira, General Directorate of State Water Works, 18.1 billion lira, higher education loans and dormitories institution 13.9 billion lira, Tubitak 3.2 billion lira, Forestry General Directorate of 3.1 billion lira budget allowance was allocated.


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