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Peppermint and parsley reduce breast milk

Breastfeeding is a very important process for both mother and baby's development and overall health. The mother of this period can be seamlessly migrated...

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Peppermint and parsley reduces breast milk entry date: 14.10.2017 Breastfeeding is a very important process for both mor and baby's development and overall health. The ability to pass through this period in a seamless way provides many contributions to mor and baby. Pediatric Health and diseases specialist from Central Hospital, exp. Dr. Öznur Yilmaz Gondal told me what to know about breastfeeding... Water: The nutrients that support breast milk production come from beginning of water. Because most of breast milk consists of water. Therefore breastfeeding mors should consume more water than normal during lactation. Drinks such as herbal tea, sugar-free compote or buttermilk can be preferred outside water. Carrot: Mors should often eat carrots to increase breast milk. Because Carrot contains phytoestrogen, which supports formation of milk in its content and serves as estrogen-like. Fennel: According to studies conducted, fennel and dill stimulate production of estrogen and prolactin required for breast milk. Therefore, it needs to be consumed by mors. Baklaviller: The legumes, which are a robust iron source, increase quality of your mor's milk while increasing amount. dark green Leafy Vegetables: Mors should turn to consumption of dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach and cabbage to increase amount of milk. se vegetables; Due to its rich in iron, calcium, vitamin A and folate, it also provides baby with quality milk content. Walnut, Hazelnut and almond: Walnut, hazelnut and almond in class of oily seeds; Must be consumed by nursing mors. stay away from m During lactation, mors have to consume food as well as nutrients that need to stay away. At beginning of se comes vegetables like peppermint and parsley. Because it is adversely affecting quality of milk to consume peppermint and parsley during lactation. In addition, smell of peppermint and parsley can lead to breast milk, so that baby is able to refuse. Among or foods that adversely affect production of breast milk, starch flour, barley and flour, corn and sugar mixture are included in food. Excessive salt consumption, turnip, pickled and pickle, lemon juice and vinegar consumption can also reduce breast milk.


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