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With 560 PS and camping hanger-guess where this Lamborghini driver comes from

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With 560 PS and camping hanger-guess where this Lamborghini driver comes from

Frankfurt – who dares please, so blue around? In luxury sports car! With Hanger!

That "Look! Me! On! " -Lamborghini-Team saw Bild-reader-reporter Fabian Schramm (23) on A3 near Frankfurt. First thought of automobile businessman: "Well, well, wealthy people need room for luggage when travelling."

Fact: In trunk (front) of Gallardo convertible (560 hp, peak 325 km/h, from 191 495 euro) just fits a box of beer – only bottles, without a box.

But how do you get to use his Lambo-Renner (from 0 to 200 in 13.1 seconds) as a "tractor"? Picture found driver – and guess where that comes from...

Big flap: Thanks to trailer, sports car is loading as a KombiFoto: private bizarre Car stories
  • Adventurous story comes a couple from country to big city...

    The police, your friend and helper. So it should always be, and so it is often too. Like a week ago.

... Of course, from camping hanger-nation Holland! It is Peter Pelgrum (53) from Rhenen in province of Utrecht.

The head of an advertising agency explains, "I wanted to do a project that nobody else does. For a three-week tour of Italy, I needed space for suitcases, so I built an old Klappzelt pendant with my cousin Tom. "

Tom Pelgrum (27) built trailer with a photo: private

Tested by strict eyes of German police, construct was also already. Pelgrum: "They came to me in a parking lot, said," Everything looks good! Go on! ' "

At Lambo-hanger are high-speed wheels MontiertFoto: Private

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