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Animal Love will be learned in schools

In the context of the ' Ortahisar Love Vaccine ' project prepared in cooperation with the Trabzon Animal Protection Association and the Children of the sanctuary, aiming to find nests for animals in the shelter and to instill the love of animals at a young age, the physical requirements of the appropriate schools The dog was delivered to the club.

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Animal Love will be learned in schools

In Trabzon, "Ortahisar Love Vaccine" project was created in Association of Animal Protection Society and Ortahisar Municipality in order to vaccinate children's love of animals at a young age.

In scope of project passed to application stage, physical conditions were given to appropriate schools of cats and kennel. Thus, children are aimed to develop ir relationship with animals and emotions of responsibility.

Not only does it involve schools

After beginning of new academic year, dog was delivered to four schools, two nursing homes, and a sorority house.

The head of Animal Protection Association, Lutfulye Tüzün victim, said in a statement that y are facing violence against all creatures.


The victim, who pointed out that re has been an increase in violence against women, children and animals in world, is important for prevention of awareness efforts to prevent this situation, animal love should be learned at a small age In order to draw attention, y prepared "Ortahisar Love Vaccine" project, expressed following:

  • We deliver our peaceful, harmonious and children-friendly dogs to schools with project from shelter. We aim to find a nest of animals and instill animal love in children at a young age.

Animal Love develops compassion

Mustafa Balaban, director of Legal Anatolian High school, said that y named dog "cinnamon" from shelter under project and that y created a field in back of school Balaban, noting importance of project.

Balaban, compassion of people who love animals, stressing that emotions evolved, "The man who loves animal, likes environment. Animal love teaches that every creature has right to live in this world. Animal love, students need to be taught math, physics, Chemistry. We were involved in project to teach our students a life lesson. We, children are very happy, dog is very satisfied with his place, "he said.



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