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Where's Idlib? Which area is idlip in?

Idlib began to take place among the most curious topics of questions where, in which region is taking place. Turkey, Russia and Iran are negotiating the border of the ' conflict zone ' in Idlib, Syria continues mobility. So, where is Idlib?...

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Where's Idlib? Which area is idlip in?

Turkey, Russia and Iran negotiated in Syrian city of Idlib ' conflict zone ' for border last night was military mobility. The ' duty ' order of high-ranking military officials, who served on border line last night in opposite of Hatay, went on alert. After joint decision of three countries, President Erdogan stepped up preparations for TSK with words "one night we could come suddenly". The tank and air defense systems that will secure military troops to Idlib with vehicles to ensure border is complete. The troops from Kayseri Commando Brigade have also been deployed to border. During se preparations, Turkish Special Forces (Bordeaux Berets) conducted an infiltration operation on Idlib route and identified nearby targets.

Where's Idlib? What area is he in?

Idlib or Idlip is a city located in northwest of Syria and is centre of same named management area.

It is 60 km from Aleppo. The Province of Turkey (Hatay province) has a territorial neighbour. Therefore, it shows similarities with sourn provinces such as Hatay and Kilis.

There are many old City ruins near city, which is a fairly old residential area. The ancient city of Ebla was once an important centre in region.

The city's economy is based on agriculture and is one of major agricultural centers in Syria. Olive oil is produced in particular. Idlib is an important production center for olive, cotton, wheat and fruit, especially cherries. Or main products include almond, sesame, figs, grapes and tomatoes. In 1995 re were about 300 hectares of cultivated area with various citrus crop.

In control of Idlib jihadists

The Idlib region is currently under control of Tahrir al-Damascus (HTS), a delegation of jihadist organisations. The HTS, which was mentioned to be about 25,000 militants, gared jihadist groups under one roof during summer months. Ts; Damascus, Idlib and Hama conflict with both Syrian regime forces and moderate opponents.


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