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He exported the wasted mineral water to 17 countries

An entrepreneur in the district of Iscehisar in Afyonkarahisar, the plant started to evaluate the source of wasted mineral water and soon began exporting to 17 countries from China to the United States.

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In district of Iscehisar in Afyonkarahisar, Suat Demirel, which has been a source of wasted mineral water in county since years, factory has established and soon to export to 17 countries including China, United States and Australia, among m Started.

Mermercilik Demirel, 3 kilometers from center of town of Avsar Creek in position to assess source of wasted mineral water in region 1.5 years ago founded factory. Starting to produce with brand of mineral water Avsar Demirel, started to sell bottled mineral water as well as abroad.

Mehmet Baspinar, general manager of facility, said y evaluated source of mineral water that was based on history of Phrygian and wasted until recently.

  • Describing investment in a short time, Baspinar, "different bottles, new products were liked all over Turkey. We have dealers in 54 provinces, we reach consumers in approximately 60 provinces. We are receiving very positive reactions, "he said.
Exports to 17 countries

Emphasizing that re is serious work towards abroad, Baspinar said y exported 15-20 per cent of ir production.

Baspinar, 17 countries to export by stating that following, continued:

"We send our mineral waters to Germany, Bahrain, Taiwan, South Africa, USA, China, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Kosovo, Belgium, Holland, Austria and Australia. We aim to enter countries where Turkish mineral waters do not enter. In Bahrain, we are a Turkish mineral water in large market chains. 35 people are working in our facility. Although we are a newly established factory, we are taking serious steps towards becoming a world brand. Our water is very different. Volcanic origin, mineral-rich water. "


Noting that Turkey has overcome coup initiative and that economy has passed through a difficult process, Baspinar noted following:

"Despite all difficulties experienced, we relied on Turkish economy and continued our investments. We are a 1.5 year old company in sector. In spite of this, we are a serious growing business that brings sound in industry. We're in top five right now. We stand out with our quality and technology. We have 12 kinds of products right now, producing soda from natural mineral water. We have lemonade. Our Mango pineapple flavor, which is a tropical taste, is very much appreciated. We strive to produce products that everyone can drink and enjoy all over world. "


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