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10-year-old ALP, Turkey's Proud prize!

ALP Aydinlar is 10 years old yet. It is a very prestigious in Canada with a social responsibility project called "a move for hope" developed for the Syrian children...

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10-year-old ALP, Turkey's Proud prize! Date of entry: 6.10.2017 11:49 date of renovation: 6.10.2017 11:53 ALP Aydinlar is 10 years old yet. He has won a very prestigious award in Canada with a social responsibility project called "a move for hope" developed for Syrian children. Moreover, it was youngest contestant to award International Gaming Association. Thanks to this project, 5 of 123 Syrian children who meet with chess between ages of 8-12, now licensed athletes.

ALP intellectuals, last month, social responsibility project developed for Syrian children stood out among international competitors and won a very prestigious award since 1993. Conference held by International Gaming Association (IPA) in Calgary, Canada; He was youngest candidate to win "recognition of Excellence and influence" award alongside one of contestants from Canada 2, Italy, New Zealand and Hong Kong. ALP intellectuals, who is very proud to receive award, he said that he was very happy to introduce Syrian children to chess and to be friends with m.

Playing chess made a difference in children with war victims

Istanbul Enka School, 5. ALP Aydinlar, a class student, gave following information about his project: "With my class, we visited Zehra Ulker Elementary School Temporary training center to visit Syrian Students for a social responsibility project. I noticed that Syrian students had a busy course, but or than that, y had no different activities. I'm sorry too, and I wanted to develop a project in which y would play. I play chess myself and I'm a licensed player. I thought y should play chess too. "

In order to develop a project, ALP intellectuals, who said arms were plastered, stating that project "a move for Hope", said: "The Syrian friends were required to play chess before material. I collected donations; With se donations, I bought special chessboards, materials. We also organized teachers with mom and dad to teach. The lessons began in January of 2017, and still continue. "

ALP intellectuals, project with 123 Syrian children playing chess and 5 of m, Turkish Chess Federation, said y participated in tournaments. Alp intellectuals, who gave each participating child a chess team; "They play at home too. They even teach ir brors. "

Participating in competition of International Game Association, goal is to show how much Syrian war-fighting children need to play.

ALP intellectuals; "I want to encourage m to get ir license, participate in tournaments and reach ir goals," he said.


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