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In the end the life of the patients who found the drug grew

Patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis who have no treatment until 2014 are now smiling face. The quality of life of patients...

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The life of patients who eventually found drug extended Didem Seymen Health News Date of entry: 14.10.2017 patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis who are not treated until 2014 are now smiling face. The quality of life of patients increased, lifespan of European Respiratory Society Congress, which took place in Milan, Italy in past weeks, followed closely as morning newspaper. The most striking of Congress we attended as Roche's invitation was idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, which is a disease even more lethal than cancer, i.e. pulmonary fibrosis disease is now a drug. Due to drug released in 2014, patients Life quality has gone on as well. In 2000, when his wife's uncle was caught in this illness, Prof. Dr. Erdogan Çetinkaya, a thoracic surgeon who concentrated on this disease, is about idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, namely pulmonary fibrosis in Milan. We talked... Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is who's seen lung fibrosis, What's reason for being seen? The cause is an unknown lung disease. Generally, it is seen more frequently in men over age of 45. The average incidence of population is 18 in a hundred thousand. We believe re is a group of patients in Turkey between 10-15 thousand. influencing factors; Cigarettes, as well as occupational organic, inorganic dust exposure, use of sprays in hairdressers is a disease seen in cases. It's a rare genetic predisposition, but we don't know causes of disease. These are factors that triggered it for my count. It's basically a factor we don't know about, an antigen or a triggering factor. a shriveled lung structure So what kind of illness, what difficulties ? Patients come to us not in early stages, but after advancing disturbances. When y come, re's a cough and shortness of breath that lasts longer than three months. There are wounds in lung that have been taken through respiratory tract, and after fact that we do not understand it, and se wounds are not healed properly. The lung loses its normal structure because it can't heal. The structures that we call alveol that function because y disappeared, air cuts disappear, and a shriveled or hardened lung structure emerges. How's diagnosis? When our patients come to us, we do physical examination first. The physical examination is very typical of lower parts of lungs, we hear sound that we call a subtle crackling sound. This is a very typical and early finding, actually. When we hear that, we're doing a pulmonary X-ray, but that's not always way. For him, we are making a more detailed, high-regulation computed tomography. Of course, we need to exclude or illnesses while diagnosing this disease. We are doing rheumatic tests. So wher it's about rheumatic diseases or not... After we exclude m, our radiological findings are consistent with our high regulation findings and we diagnose unknown lung fibrosis. After putting it on, we're checking condition of disease. After determining se values, we determine a treatment plan. What are developments in recent years of treatment ? The average life expectancy in this disease without treatment was 2.5 years. They lived for a maximum of five years. They were losing ir lives 2.5-5 years after y came out. If he showed up at age of 45, maybe y were losing ir lives before he was 50. The numbers I said were numbers before treatment meds came out. Until 2014, we had no medicine. We started treating our patients with our medicine, which was released in 2014. After treatment began, life-time has gone on. But we don't have any data on how much space it's going to be. known side effects of drug What is it? Nausea, perhaps vomiting, can increase liver enzymes, a darkening or color change in sun-seeing places, or excessive sensitivity to sun. This disease patients ' social how y live affects? The disease course has a rapidly advancing species, so y can quickly lose ir respiratory capacities. The lungs can get too bad, or y can watch steps in form of an exacerbation. Some of m are watching slower. We do not know which one is child group. But after se treatments began, course of se diseases slowed down, flames decreased, and we saw that disease-less lifetimes were prolonged. Patients relax while sitting. In general, when effort is spent, when he does a job, when he moves, his breath is shrinking. We're giving advanced oxygen support to se patients. Because ir oxygen is dropping very quickly. I 'm approaching my patient with empathy Your family is infected with this disease If re was one, this medicine Would you use it? In 2000, my wife's uncle was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and started treatment. I'm beginning to feel illness of this incident. Because I had to answer his questions. He had a doctor in America, he was following him, asking me questions at point where he couldn't reach him. I'm a breast-disease specialist and I had to answer that. Breast disease is not a very popular disease, no one is interested. We lost our uncle in fifth year, even though we did all treatments. His sister was also a pulmonary fibrosis. When we first came out, we started treatment, lost in 11th. The last three years of process, we used medicine until last day. I'm approaching each patient with a separate empathy for this incident. Why is it called a worse illness than cancer?" It's really worse than cancer. The patient can be depressed about cancer, lung fibrosis pattern is not going to deteriorate. He might not be so worried. But when you look at it, it has a worse life time than it has been treated. Cancer is something like this: tumor is happening, y are taking tumor, radiorapy, chemorapy, medications, preventive rapies if necessary... You don't say you have five years to look at your face. " What are duties of patient relatives?" The families were applying a lot to herbal treatments before this treatment. It wasn't too effective. Should herbal rapies still be used when using se medications? In society re is such a request and desire. We call it not to use as much as possible. Because your stomach complaints can be increased. Your liver can get tired. It can be combined with side effect of drug. If possible, use your medication, do what we say, and come to regular controls. "


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