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Performance enhancing supplements can cost your life!

The drugs that bodybuilders and athletes often use to increase muscle mass, improve physical performance, threaten life. Performance-enhancing supplements are also heavily demanded due to the high levels of testosterone in men.

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performance enhancing supplements called "anabolic steroids" are drugs that change hormone balance in human body. These drugs are also heavily used for men to maximize amount of testosterone.

Impotence and Sterility However, this artificial elevation pressures production of natural male hormones and has a negative effect on pituitary gland. With reduction of sperm production, abnormal sperm, infertility, breast growth, decreased sexual desire and impotence can arise.

Steroid hormones increase water-salt balance in body, causing increased and payment of water retention, increasing blood pressure. In addition, it damages heart muscle and it is causing heart failure in future to disrupt heart rhythm.

Liver decay, cirrhosis

It's a drug damage to liver. Drugs that can cause cirrhosis and liver failure by doing liver damage also bring prostate hypertrophy and renal dysfunction. also have negative effects on brain

Anabolic steroids adversely affect metabolism in thyroid gland, affecting brain, affecting various emotional and behavioral disorders, sleep problems can arise. Summarize; The indiscriminate use of anabolic steroids, i.e. performance enhancing supplements, is highly objectionable in terms of side effects.


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