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Wristwatch will prevent heart attack

Cardiology expert Prof. Lale Togozoğlu: "We will be able to listen to our heart from the Watch" deaths related to heart attack, which causes deaths of 200 thousand people a year...

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Wristwatch will prevent heart attack date of entry: 6.10.2017 11:53 update Date: 6.10.2017 12:01 Cardiology Expert Prof. Lale Togozoğlu: "We will be able to listen to our heart from hour" deaths due to heart attack that caused deaths of 200 thousand people per year can be prevented by wristwatch. The new technology wrist watches can be measured by heart attacks due to arrhythmia, heart attacks, and may be prevented by early warning. Hacettepe University cardiology expert Prof. Lale Togozoğlu said, "The clocks that measure heart rhythm will be released next month will save heart arrhythmia and send a warning to patient."

Heart attack will be prevented by Arm watch

Antalya Titanic Hotel realized at 33. The National Turkish Cardiology Congress has marked wristwatch, which measures heart rhythm.

"New technologies are opening New horizons in preventing heart disease," said Prof. Togozoğlu, who has been giving information about heart rhythm disorders, one of biggest causes of heart attacks in Turkey, which causes life of 200 thousand people to lose ir lives annually. For first time, gene correction was made in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with cardiac muscle disease this year. We also witnessed use of monoclonal antibodies for treatment of heart diseases for first time. The use of targeted rapies increased with development of nanotechnology. Hours that can measure heart rhythm that will be released this month, person's rhythm disorder by registering patient immediately gives information. A very important development in preventing sudden heart attacks, "he said.

Hippocrates again justified

The sis, also described as far of medicine, Hippocrates, forgotten and ignored, "all diseases begin from gut," came to agenda again. Prof. Dr. Necla Özer, stating that re are significant connections between intestinal flora and heart, said, "it directly affects potential of intestinal flora causing heart attacks in patients with coronary artery disease. It is directly associated with intestinal edema and endotoxins with heart failure. Foods such as fibrous food, vegetables, fruits, probiotics, yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut, especially with prebiotic effect, protect heart along with intestinal flora, "he said.

METAL stents to blend into history

The Congress stated that interventional cardiology practices were preceded by surgery, and drug Stentlemrin was recorded to 5 percent of contraction rate in vein again. The new developments in this area have been expressed as expected to replace metal stents with drug stents completely.


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