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He made his first accident confession to 112.

In Izmir, while speeding with the luxury car in the alcoholic, the car that was hit from behind, the death of parents and their daughters and his friend next to the vehicle...

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CEYHAN Torlak Life News for 112 in his first accident confession Date of entry: 14.10.2017 in Izmir, alcoholic luxury cars As he was speeding, in back of car that caused death of parents and ir daughters and his friend who was using vehicle to get rid of work of Behzat Ç. The author of day of accident on his behalf of mobile phone number registered to 112 Meeting with morning. According to records, a citizen of road first called 112, describing location of accident. In same minutes, two citizens were found in a similar manner. At 04.16, phone calls call center officer, which is registered on its own as 4, "Hello. We had a car accident on Aydin Highway. There are wounded here. The employee who is trying to get information about accident and crime scene is 28th. Second, he asked question, "Did you do accident?" Serbes responded to this question, "Yes I did". ' extremely alcoholic ' After accident, 112 emergency Service officer went to scene, "Emrah Serin, I got in ambulance and examined him. I smelled alcohol. He was an alcoholic who couldn't stand up. I asked who was using vehicle. He told me his friend was using it. "


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