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The dignity of life stops in Parliament

For over five months the bill on the ' biological Testament ' is mired in the Senate, between obstructions and discussions despite face ">

- 12 reads.

For more than five months bill on ' biological Testament ' is mired in Senate Health Commission. Despite all surveys made on subject show, for at least a decade, consensus of a vast majority of Italians, three thousand amendments (mostly obstructionist) and endless discussions hinder definitive approval of a law that It is not right, center or left. Without distinction, it gives value to will of each one, protecting dignity of all. The so-called biological Testament no longer represents, for some time, "divisional" frontier of "new" civil rights. It has not been more than twenty-seven years in United States, where debate on Living will began almost forty years ago in courts of various states, in Supreme Court and in civil society, culminating in adoption of Patient Self determination Act of 1990; It is not even, at least for ten years, in most European countries, where by now binding legal value of a biological testament is part of corpus of citizen's minimum civil rights. dossier laws to be saved In Italy, although it has been debating for decades, me seems to have been condemned to be managed in processes, by courts, by individual magistrates, in continuous alternate of a policy incapable of doing what is right, legislator. The nation's cradle of law fails to give its citizens a certain legal framework in which y can exercise ir own choices, freely and responsibly, on a matter personal of individual freedom, notwithstanding, as President observed Emeritus Giorgio Napolitano in May 2017, measure in question "responds to feelings and sensibilities now prevailing in our society". While rest of world developed floundering of furr forms of discipline of matter, our country remains orphaned of what is now a minimum threshold of regulation on right to early treatment provisions. It is no longer permissible, after cases Englaro, Welby, Cloud and thousands of ors less known, but equally worthy of consideration, that Italian citizens cannot choose, relying on clarity of a law, how to self-determine in a question Fundamental, literally of life and death, which concerns each of us. that of end of life is a question of freedom, of respect for will, of dignity of living and of dying which must be left as much as possible to choice of each one. As senators for life, called to play a role as free as possible from any conditioning, belonging or calculation, we believe that this Parliament would honor country if, adopting in Senate without changes text already approved by Chamber, He treated his citizens as adults, leaving m at end of legislature, as a precious legate, recognition of this incompressible space of freedom and responsibility. The authors are senators for life


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