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No one can say why you did it.

President Tayyip Erdogan, AK party expanded provincial presidents meeting of the Turkish armed forces in the operation of the Idlib "one night we said we could come in a sudden, and as you know tonight, our armed forces operate on Idlib...

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Erdogan said: "We are applying our own game plan step by step. Those who do ir best to isolate Turkey from west and whole world, if possible, are struggling in vain. Russia, Turkey, Iran We started Astana process. Russia, Turkey and Iran have reached a decision. We said we could come in one night, and our armed forces started ir operation on Idlib. Because those who came upon oppressed, attacked those victims with so many guns, regime, unfortunately, has a history of responsibility to us. No one can tell us why you're doing this. We are 911 km border to Syria. We're ones who are being harassed and threatened at any time. At this fine point, in Idlib, we are striving to protect ir izzet, especially Turkmen, Arab, Kurdish, without distinguishing our brors. It's my me that it will soon be over. The perpetrators of norrn Iraq are certain. In time, we'll have m in face. We do not carry mentality of Kilicdaroglu. They have to go to Assad. But we are different, and we have nothing to talk to se people who are unwary, ignorant enough to say that I will account for every martyr in Idlib. "


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