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New objectives are mobile devices

Bogazici University Cyber Security Center administrator Dr. Metin said that smartphones have become the target of cyber pirates.

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New objectives are mobile devices

Bogazici University Cyber Security Center (busicyber) manager, Prof. In evaluation of Dr. Bilgin Metin, recently " Android operating system is concentrating on threats to phones installed" , by expressing cyber attacks on phone is an innocent-looking malicious software Started with installation.

In use of public WiFi , cyber pirates Enter phones directly into private data, noting that text is "Blueborne" in Bluetooth protocol on Android phones, if we need to give an example Direct access to phones by using a malicious software to be installed and control of phone, including camera and microphone can be seized. " Statements.

Beware of malware


Noting that bank accounts can be reached by cyber attacks on mobile phones, text has continued as follows:

  • "If we need to provide examples of harmful software, ' Red Alert 2 ' is a screen that looks like a banking software when you want to enter Internet banking application from your mobile phone, with an error message when you first enter your password . In meantime, your password is stolen. The second time you enter password, you provide access. In addition to banks, social media passwords can be played in this way. Malware can also block incoming phone calls from bank to alert you. He can read SMS messages from bank. There were many or harmful software, but this software is dangerous because it copies appearance of banking practices in Turkey. In this way, your social media passwords can also be played. "

Jailbreak Alert

One of frequently asked questions in world of technology is that "IPhone is safer Android?" text, said:

  • "IPhone is not affected by harmful software unless it has lost its aunticity with an operation that we call" Jailbreak ". However, some vulnerabilities in operating system may be a problem. When we look at it, you can enter your phone when you are connected to a public WiFi wireless network with a new vulnerability. With a code that runs, a permanent back door is created and connected to phone attack server, and is always available to stay in outside control. This vulnerability is resolved in IOS 11 operating system, and users must go through update to this version. As you can see, Apple IPhone is a closed and secure platform, even if updates have been made. "


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