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6 strategies to use when teaching the child to hand-wash (15 October World Hand Wash Day)

Our hands are the most important carrier factor in the transmission and dissemination of many infections, especially the ishaller, parasitic diseases and respiratory tract infections. Therefore, the frequent and correct hand wash habits are of great importance to be gained from childhood.

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6 strategies to use when teaching the child to hand-wash (15 October World Hand Wash Day)

The social pediatrics expert, who told parents that an important task was in hand wash habit, was do ç. Dr. Selda Karaayvaz and pediatric infectious diseases specialist Prof. Dr. NECMI Aksaraysays it's important to have a habit of hand-washing children to be transformed into an addiction.

Experts, child's strategies to help give hand-washing habits , following sorts:

necessarily use soap: Make sure your hands are washed for at least 20 seconds and using soap. Choose liquid soaps in common areas. If solid soap is used, leave soap in a water-free container and after being used, foam is taken.

Make sure your hands are cleaned: During hand wash, clean both palms, outside, fingers, thumbs, fingernails, and hand-washing. After washing, rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean towel. Take advantage of paper towels in public areas.

create appropriate conditions: From a very small age, make sure that children are familiar with this issue by taking care of hand and nails. Start with your own lap first. In period where it can stand, provide suitable environments for ability to hand-wash with soap by raising floor or choosing suitable washbasins.

make hand wash Fun: The game is one of easiest and most effective ways to teach kids something. You can tell both importance of hand washing and how it should be, with different games, shapes, or animations. For example, set a song and tell hands toger until this song ends. So you can avoid rushing. Or, as you wash your hands, you can teach m how long this process has been completed.

describe importance of hand wash: The correct way to explain what you do for children is very important in acquisition of habits. Try to attract attention of child who meets media from age of two, with books read from six months. The relevant cartoons, public spots, advertisements, newspaper, magazine News will be useful.

make m role model: Keep in mind that when children are born, y learn and experience life by watching ir parents and or relatives. One of most important things that can be done to explain importance of hand wash is to make sure that you wash your hands. Provide a natural learning and application area by exhibiting right patterns of behaviour in family in way that habit is gained. Health checks will help doctors and nurses to draw attention to hand wash, and when school education starts, teacher's positive feedback on subject, supervision, and hand-washing child would be very useful.

Always wash your hands in se cases

After coughing, sneeze and sneezing,

After handshake,

Before preparing any food or food,

Before and after we start eating,

After use of public transport and collective living spaces,

Before and after lactation

After touching all animals, including pets,

After changing diapers of babies,

After use of toilets,

Before and after visiting a sick person.


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