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TSK: We Are there

After 5 days of work in the Idlib region of the Turkish Special Forces reconnaissance teams, the commando and armored troops of the Turkish armed forces, with Bordeaux Berets affiliated with the staff Presidency, formally entered Syria from the previous night. Employment...

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With special forces, soldiers of Kayseri 1st Commando Brigade began entering Syria from Atme region from 22.15 previous night. According to images given by Chief of staff, soldier entered region with ' hedgehog ' and or armored combat vehicles. In order to establish observation points in 14 separate places, work machines were smuggled into Syria. number of soldiers can increase The M-60 and Leopard tanks also moved to Syria early yesterday morning. At border line, multi-barrel rocket launchers (CNRA) and storm howitzer were ready. The Çnra opened fire on Syrian side of Sonpinar border outpost. The armed unmanned aerial vehicles (Siha), which was airborne from Gaziantep, have repeatedly checked entrance of Turkish soldier. The Sikhs made a heavy flight on Reyhanli, Atme and Bereket Mountain route. In first place, more than 100 troops entered Syria, while yesterday, number increased. The number of vehicles that entered exceeds 60. The shipment is expected to continue in coming days. In Astana, all three guarantors are scheduled to be sent 500 soldiers from country, but this number can be increased. The tanks began to work on Idlib-Afrin border line, which was besieged by mountain of Abundance, and to establish a observation point for region of Abundance, where Afrin, terrorist organization PYD, could be observed. The tanks that went to region also took a perimeter of fortifications to protect union by siege about 30 kilometers away from Turkish border. The storm howitzer, with a range of 40 kilometers stationed on border line for support of FSA forces that continued its progress in Idlib region during evening, took two shots. Security expert Abdullah Agar talks to Turkish soldier's mount of fertility and assesses that PYD will prioritize ' Afrin ' in his hand. The delegation, which has been under control of board of Tahrir al-Damascus (Hş), has seen a significant improvement in release of mount to elements of TSK without conflict, said observation point could be established in areas of atme and relatives. third time in two years The Turkish military entered Syrian lands for third time in two years with Idlib operation, which began previous day. The first operation, called Turkish soldier ' Shah Fırat ', was introduction of 38 personnel in tomb of Suleyman Shah on 22 February 2015 to Turkey, with body of Suleyman Shah and two guards in tomb moving to village of Syria in settlement of or article resulted. On 24 August 2016, TSK elements launched Azez-Cerablus line and n "Euphrates Shield operation" to clear Al Bab from Deaş. The Euphrates Shield ended on March 29th, 2017. This time, TSK entered Idlib region to serve in observation points to be created to protect conflict zones. According to Astana settlement, TSK elements will remain in Idlib for 6 months in first place. This time will be extended when it is deemed necessary. The general staff added operation Idlib to weekly press information notes from yesterday. Tension Reduction Zone Chief of staff, Turkish soldier's entry into Syria yesterday announced with following written statement: "Within scope of Astana process, establishment of ceasefire, ensuring supervision and continuation, delivery of humanitarian aid to needs of people and displaced ' The elements of TSK, which will serve in Idlib tension reduction zone in order to ensure appropriate conditions for ir return to ir homes, in coordination with discovery activities initiated on October 8, 2017, from October 12, 2017 ' observation began to constitute activities of points. The elements of TSK are continuing ir duties in region under rules of engagement, which are agreed by Guarantor countries during Astana process. " Öso: The dream of YWG reaching Mediterranean Mustafa Sejari, one of officials of Free Syrian Army (FSA), who acted with Turkey, protected region from bombing of Russian and Assad regime under Astana Treaty of TSK, terrorist organization of YWG to acquire illegitimate land In region to be blocked. Sejari said that YWG is important to prevent an attack on Mediterranean, "we can say that today separatists reach sea, first to Idlib, n to Ciş El Sakur and goal of reaching mountainous region of coast." The terrorist organization YWG accused Turkey of threatening actions against Afrin. "Turkey is not pursuing anything in Idlib, but a siege towards Afrin may ignite a new war in region," according to AFP agency, YWG said.


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