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Honeymoon preferred

In the Regional league duel of the Stark ä, 1860 M ü Munich souver ä N with 3:0 against Ascender Pipinsried. The advantage of the Departer W ä next to 14 points.

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To start weekend, this time was even a little bit more congested than usual between end of Lindauer motorway and Grünwalder Stadium, and who knows, perhaps this was due to fans of FC Pipinsried, who flocked to Munich on Friday evening. The village in Dachau hinterland has only 550 inhabitants, neverless regional league-riser for away game against 1860 München had ordered 750 cards. Apart from fact that fans with yellow-blue scarves almost applauded every move into opposing half of game, re was little to rejoice as expected. The Lions won sovereign 3:0 and have at least until Saturday 14 points lead on Chaser Schweinfurt.

1860 and Pipinsried, this is largest possible contrast in regional league Bayern: professional team from provincial capital who wants to train daily and return to professional football as quickly as possible, and amateur team from village, twice a week And his captain Thomas Berger was missing on Friday night because he was just in honeymoon.

The early 1:0 of lion did not do any good to game

But clubs also connect a lot. In Christoph Burkhard and Kasim Rabihic stood two former sixties in Pipinsrieder starting, also player trainer Fabian Hürzeler is a former lion, who had decided only very early to become a coach.

"Pip-pip-Pipinsried", was occasionally heard from main grandstand, but it went almost below compared to sixty-speaking choirs from curve. The game at bottom of lawn was similarly weighted, especially since after exactly one minute ball was first time in Pipinsrieder Gate: Phillipp rock Hard entered a corner in middle of penalty area, re Nicolas Andermatt was completely free and headed exactly in middle of gate , across FC-keeper Thomas Reichlmayr. "I usually hit corners myself, this time I was a bit surprised how free I stood," said scorer, who hardly cheered at gate before Verdutzit. Pipinsrieds player trainer Hürzeler was upset. "I told Elf before game, two things are crucial: standards, and how we deal with scenery." In both cases, his team was quite miserably failed. He himself had not been able to stand on field because he had picked up his fifth yellow card in English week.

The early goal did not do game well at all, for quite a while sixty did not do more than necessary and was especially dangerous according to standards. "Then maybe you'll be in one or or situation when opponent allows it," said Aaron Berzel. Such an early 1:0 at end of an English week would be very located, found defensive player. Anor standard decided in 32 minute lot, when a free kick from rock hard caused a tumult, Pipinsrieds Luis Grassow was probably last player to touch ball, who rolled from a short distance to 2:0 over line.

At Pipinsried, former sixties played most striking: Kasim Rabihic tried to get into game with individual actions, Christoph Burkhard had best chance: his shot of 22 meters immediately after 2:0 of lion would have game again But sixty's goalkeeper Marco Hiller stretched himself and steered ball over crossbar (34.).

"We have said in mid-term: Now we can spare our forces and let opponent take possession of ball," said sixty-coach Daniel Bierofka. Dangerous in front of gate came Pipinsried anyway seldom, on or hand Nico sparse still scored 3:0 with a flat shot (66.). The fans in curve n sang "Derby winner", and it was not entirely clear wher y meant game against Pipinsried, or were already thinking of playing against FC Bayern II in two weeks. Which, in turn, might not be as unilateral as that on Friday evening.


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