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Turks to fly Ghana

wtf president Bagci, who was in Ghana to build an airline company with its partners, said the negotiations with the Ghana government have been positive....

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Turks will fly Ghana Betül alakent Economy News Date of entry: 14.10.2017 in Ghana to build an airline with its partners, wtf President Bagis, a positive meeting with Ghana Government Ni said. "The French also aspire to this investment. It becomes clear for up to a year, "he said on 10 October in capital of Ghana in Accra, World tourism Forum (WTF), regulating African summit to attract interest of Turkish investor to region Chairman of board, Bulut Bağcı, has planted his eye on country's airline transport. Bagis has acted to establish a private airline company in Ghana, with two partners operating in tourism in Bucharest and Russia. "The new government has a demand for establishing a private airline company," he said, country has a national airline, and we've got to set up an airline with two investor buddies. We interviewed government, "he said. "We will execute entire operation," Bagis, who transfers Ghana's state-funded airline. We wanted a guarantee from state for this investment. They approached our request positively. They asked us for a project presentation. We'll start working immediately. The process becomes clearer for a year, "he said. For airline, French are suitors, Bagci said, Turkey is one step ahead. "The Turkish Airlines experience and accumulation of knowledge is high. The Turks are also largest airport in Ghana. This situation is making us stand out, "he said. Ghana has recently become Africa's hub of transport, " country has three airline companies three years ago, and now number is 15. Ghana is at a point linking west to East Africa, "he said. room price exceeded Paris He also gave information about summit, " Summit had great interest in investors. The 42 tribe in Ghana has its own leader, all of se leaders have joined summit, "he said. Ghana's need for a serious arza about hotel, Bagis said: "Here are 5 star hotels per night, 500 dollars. This figure is 400 in Paris and 300 in Baku. This is because re is not enough desire to have high prices. Ghana holds serious opportunities for Turkish tourism investors. " WTF's next stop will be Kazakhstan "We will make Euro Asia summit last week of November," said Cloud Bağcı, which will be Kazakhstan, next stop of World tourism Forum event. 2018 in Russia on March, Bağıbağı, which transmits summit, said: "The same month ITB Berlin Fair will be held simultaneously Germany Europe Summit, Mediterranean Summit in Barcelona on 21 April. On May 2018, in London UK Summit, in September, we'll be implementing Asia Summit in Singapore with Formula 1 simultaneously. The first week of October 2018 will be in Cuba, last week in Africa. " 10% of population is very rich The Bağcı, region, said that y aimed to increase Turkish investments in continent with African Summit,. In Ghana, 10 per cent of population has an asset of over 100 million dollars, BAGCI, "Sahraaltı needs a serious investment in Africa We will continue our visits. I met with President of Mozambique last month. I'm going to Rwanda next week. Our three investors in each country have a third of our exports to region if each one is running a thousand people, "he said.


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