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CharlElie Couture returns to "Scout"

The singer and plastic artist is on tour to present his new album "Lafayette".

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CharlElie Couture returns to
This summer, CharlElie Couture went through Lorraine. In Nancy, more precisely, his hometown, where he learned piano with his grandmor, wrote his first songs, recorded his debut album (En 1978), 12 songs in sawdust and studied fine arts. He returned on October 14, invited by festival Nancy Jazz Pulsations, to present to Nancy Lafayette, registered in Louisiana, his twentieth studio album, published in 2017, year of his 60 years and that he "accompanies", he said, on tour.

This summer, in Nancy, he found his bror, Tom November. "We digitalized film cassettes that we had shot with small cameras once." It's an intriguing experience to plunge back into what we've been through. There are moments that you thought were light that become heavy and referent in your existence. »

Ors, which we thought were huge, disappeared, melted with time. We must refore remain attentive to moments of importance as well as to those who do not. Importance, it is only understood in hindsight. The same is same for songs. "For like a plane without a wing [recorded in 1981, on album that propelled it to success], I did not give more than ors." But it was that title that took. So goes creation.

"You never know in advance." To be an artist is to be driven first by an energy that encourages you to get out of you something you will see after. It's rarely premeditated. "For me, in world, re are bows on one side, or Scouts," singer explains.

Artist's Intuition

The bow is one who has a preconceived vision of his act, he knows what he is aiming for. It is ready or away from target and it makes its act more or less admirable. He chooses to do it with his right hand or left hand, by closing an eye or keeping his eyes open: This is called style, he analyses. "These are people of conscious, those who live with reason." And n re's Scouts. They leave by a kind of intuition, by energy to put mselves into action: y are artists. Testing some ras-le-bol not to be recognized as a plastic artist as well as singer and musician, Couture had left France to settle in United States in 2004. He's back. "In fact, I reversed proportions," he nuanced. During those years in United States, I came to France only when I had good reasons to do so, now it will be or way around. »

"I was gone to an America where everything was possible, if we put spirit." This is no longer true today '

Why return? "One morning, when I woke up, I said to myself: what hell am I doing here?" I left to look for something that I found, but also because United States embodied a certain democratic ideal that corresponded to a dream I had when I was a teenager: an America where everything was possible, if you put spirit. That is no longer true today. He does not say so formally, but it may well be that arrival of Donald Trump has confirmed it in his decision: everything he does, everything he says, his attitude, his behaviour, everything he embodies is obscene. »

What's new since this summer? The tour Lafayette, which extends, and n its works – paintings, photos and sculptures – which must arrive by cargo this week. In November, he exhibited at photo show in Paris and, in December, at Montpellier International Fair. He does not think orwise than in action. "A man arrived is a tired man." I still want to be in spirit. Or even in an imbalance. "If you're too well-adjusted, you don't move."

Lafayette, de CharlElie Couture, 1 CD Fontana-Mercury. In concert on 11 October in Seyssinet-Pariset (Isère), 12th in Onex (Switzerland), 14th at festival Nancy Jazz pulsations (Meur-et-Moselle), 20 in Vendenheim (Bas-Rhin), on 10 November in Firminy (Loire), on 17 in Vals-le-Bains (Ardèche) ...


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