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The government will cease the altoscargos that does not abide by the legality

The executive's intention is that the 180 senior officials of the government and the dozens of officials of the public companies remain in their positions

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The government will cease the altoscargos that does not abide by the legality

The government believes that next Saturday, only president of Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, Vice-President Oriol Junqueras and or Catalan councillors will have to cease. The intention of executive is that 180 senior officials of government and dozens of heads of public companies continue in ir positions to carry ordinary management of autonomous administration. That is intention, but if Generalitat's high office refuses to abide by legality, Government also plans to cease in Council of Ministers.

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It will not be easy for central government to fulfil its wishes for destitutions to begin and end with members of Generalitat's government and its most trusted staff. "Non-political people are changed," Government sources say, who trust that re will be a natural relay in positions of management of Catalan administration. The idea is for counselors to replace second or third of each department. "We are only going to ask m to be professionals and to continue with ir work to keep ir counseling working in order to continue to provide services to citizens," se interlocutors explain.

According to this ideal scheme, expressed by President Mariano Rajoy to his ministers, once approved in Senate plan to relieve government, Catalan administration should not stop. "If someone believes that from Madrid y will dictate orders for ministries of Education, health or justice to introduce changes in ir daily work part of a deep base error," y assure se sources.

In addition to functioning of hospitals, that social services are catered for and that trials in courts are developed in full normality, Ministry of Education is quoted as a sign of what is not to be done. "No more Spanish classes are going to be given in schools, nor will y study history with or content," aforementioned means, which want to corner demands of hard intervention that some sectors of Catalan and Spanish society require.

Rajoy's instruction is to try to make this process as brief as possible until we reach autonomous elections for a new government to take possession in accordance with majority that it obtains, already within constitutional order. "There is neir time nor intention to carry forward changes beyond preventing illegalities such as those carried out by Catalan government and its partners," indicate sources of Moncloa who know plans envisaged.

Govern power structure
  • Upper organs and senior positions: 180
  • Senior executives: 333
  • Eventual advisers: More than 150 who rely on counselors in each counseling and lose ir position when ir superiors cease.
Cordial relationships

There is no intention eir that officials or high-ranking central administration offices will go to Catalonia to replace Catalan authorities. "What is desirable is that numbers two or three of each department take care of Counseling," state sources indicate. The ministers of Mariano Rajoy have cordial relations with senior officials of Catalan administration, with whom y have not stopped talking in se traumatic days.

This week will continue to do so and as a result of se conversations may have elements of judgment to anticipate what can happen from Saturday, when president and rest of Govern are ceased. How far will solidarity of high offices of Generalitat be with ir chiefs? The answer is not easy. The government takes it for granted that in first few moments re will be an emotional impact and that many senior officials are going to have personal troubles to accept responsibility to replace directors who have appointed m. "Some may feel that y betray ir superiors, who have been stopped for defending Catalonia's independence," says a minister of Mariano Rajoy as nothing far-fetched.

With that y count, but also with that high offices of Generalitat know in advance that y will not have to do anything that violates ir conscience by insisting that policies will not be changed. The Generalitat, according to its own figures, has 202,383 workers, of which 180 are high offices and 333 senior managers in any case, ir posts are available to Government, as well as 12,552 temporary workers who recognize Govern.

Everyone will remain in ir posts, unless y work "for Independence of Catalonia," y warn in government sources. The control work will be done from ministries according to counseling y have to assume. Despite Generalitat's many announcements that it has created its own State structures, Government believes that it is not reality. The embryo of tax agency will intervene and will be far above center of Telecommunications and Technologies, computer structure without which autonomic administration does not work. The command of Mossos D'Esquadra is subject of great attention, with special interest information service. In this area it is more than likely that intervention of state is more intense.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will also be observed with more attention, but " embassies will not be closed," indicate government sources, as long as y do not work for independence project.

The Catalan embassies, under surveillance

The dozen embassies that Generalitat has opened abroad will remain under supervision of Government, which would prevent m from retaining ir propaganda activity in favour of independence. "That's for sure," summed up a source next to Mariano Rajoy, who on Friday saw how José Manuel García Margallo, former foreign minister, said that "if re is an assumption of overlimiting of competencies [by Governer], is this".

The network extends through USA, Portugal, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany or United Kingdom and played a key role in negative international impact of police work during October 1 referendum.

The executive believes that his role should be limited to establishment of commercial relations, opening business opportunities and attracting tourists. However, on 30 August, Carles Puigdemont attempted to make inauguration of last delegation in Copenhagen (Denmark) a vindication act. The Danish government ignored your visit.


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