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The advantage of the intelligent molecule in nuclear medicine

Prof. Zehra Özcan from the Turkish Nuclear Medicine Association, which is possible to capture the target tumor cells in very small sizes with smart molecules, has taken important steps in combating cancer with the latest technology imaging systems Said.

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Prof. Dr. Zehra özcan, chairman of Turkish Nuclear Medicine Association, is an important part of nuclear Medicine week, celebrated in first week of October, to raise nuclear medicine awareness, to share new developments with health community and community. He said it was an opportunity. smart molecules facilitate cancer diagnosis and treatment Doctor's site. According to Dr. Fatih West from net, early and effective treatment of cancer, which uses intelligent radioactive molecules in field of nuclear medicine, stressing that major advances have been recorded, Dr. Ozcan said: "Smart molecule With aim of capturing very small size of target tumor cells and latest technology, advanced hybrid imaging systems, positron emission tomography (PET) and combined devices have become possible to be shown. The "teranotic" approach, which aims to mark se intelligent molecules with rapeutic isotopes and target tumor cell, has given great impetus to treatment of nuclear medicine and cancer. " Turkey's Nuclear Medicine association to provide diagnosis and treatment services to cancer patients, said Dr. Özcan, who is in intensive effort with oncology employees, "our country, primarily pet, PET/CT and PET/MRI in field of nuclear medicine to diagnose and has made extraordinary contributions to investments in assessment. In our country, level of technological infrastructure in field of nuclear medicine in addition to production of radioactive compounds ahead of some European countries, technological infrastructure in sense of world standards, "he said.

"Developments in nuclear medicine are pleasing" A short semi-life radioisotope production by Taek is a satisfactory development of step to be made in our country, said president of association, summed up or developments in nuclear medicine: "Especially in prostate cancer, advanced stage Many successful effective nuclear medicine treatment approaches that may affect course of disease are introduced into practice. Anor development is clinical use of rapeutic properties of radiocisotopes, such as radium-223, which makes alpha radiation. Advanced stage is used effectively in prostate cancers with bone metastases. In cases where commonly used ultrasound, mammography or MRI in diagnosis of breast cancer is suspected, PET imaging (PEM), which focuses on breast tissue, makes it possible to capture relatively small-sized tumor focuses. Positron emission mammography systems have begun to be used. " The effectiveness of new radioisotope, which is proven and used all over world, is in utmost effort to become used in our country, stated that se developments are supported by Ministry of Health, SGK and Taek Said it was.


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