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The most effective way to protect from hepatitis A: cleaning and vaccination

The experts, who noted the outbreak of hepatitis A, identified after forest fires in the state of California, USA 8217, stressed that cleaning and vaccination play an important role in protection from the disease.

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The most effective way to protect from hepatitis A: cleaning and vaccination

Prof. Dr. Birol Özer, Hepatitis A virus (HAV) from Turkish Gastroenterology Association stating that hepatitis A vaccine is immune to 94-100 per cent when administered in two doses with a 6-month break, and that duration of protection period is 10-30 years. He said his infection was seen all over world, and 120 million people were infected worldwide.

Kills 34 thousand people each year

Each year, 1.4 million new cases were reported, approximately 34 thousand deaths were estimated that Ozer quoted following said:

"In Turkey, 72-100 percent of adults are suffering from this disease, we can say. HAV is usually transmitted by fecal oral (contact person or with consumption of contaminated water and food), prevention of contamination of water and nutrients in protection of disease, hand wash, cleaning and vaccination is important. The Virus is completely absent in 5 minutes with boiling, sensitive to bleach. HAV sometimes shows itself in form of water or contaminated (dirty) food borne outbreaks. In 92 percent of children, disease is overcome by mild symptoms, while 75 percent of adults have a distinct hepatitis table. "

After hepatitis A virus is taken into body, average 28 (15-50) daily incubation period, nausea, vomiting, jaundice, abdominal pain, dark urine, light colored stool, itching complaints arise. The virus can also be discovered in form of joint pain or skin rash in some people. Full recovery within 6 months 85 percent of patients were healed in 2-3 months, and in 6-month period complete improvement of expert, "this disease is not seen chronicisation. In healing and developing antibodies, protection is life-length, and again, re is no furr infection development. However, severe hepatic insufficiency develops that causes coma development in less than one percent of cases. This table is more than 50 years old and is seen in individuals with chronic hepatitis B or C infection, "he said.

Hepatitis A is a self-limiting disease, stating that re is no special treatment, Özer stated that treatment of resting and nutritional support was adequate in period when disease was active.

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