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When does sinusitis require surgery?

Sinusitis, which is caused by inflammation of the sinus canals for various reasons, shows an increase especially in autumn and winter months. Surgical intervention is usually required when synusitis is treated with medications.

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When does sinusitis require surgery?
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The sinuses are placed inside head bones and canals are opened into nose, filled with air in hollow bones. They help to reduce weight of head and stand upright because it is filled with air, as well as tone of sound, character of air that passes through nose, moisture and body temperature.

Sinus ducts are inflamed, and sinusitis problem is in head. ent specialist Op. Dr. Koray Cengiz, most important factors affecting formation of sin Usitis; The immune system and frequent upper respiratory tract infections, nose and sinus anatomy ( curvature of nasal bone or cartilage, size of nasal flesh or sinus canals being closed, nasal and sinus tumors), especially in children's genetic flesh It counts as size, flu and dirty air.

What symptoms does sinusitis reveal?

  • The vast majority of colds that continue for more than a week is a sinusitis indicator.
  • Nasal obstruction in adults, yellow-green nose and nasal discharge, face-tooth-eye pain and cough are most observed symptoms.
  • Children may have vomiting due to restlessness, persistent cough and discharge of Geniz.
  • Partially less symptoms in all age groups; Fever, fatigue, smell of mouth, decreased sense of smell, sore throat, sometimes noise.
  • Forehead and eye painful swelling that arise during continuation of discomfort, double vision and general condition disorder are also among symptoms of sinusitis.

"Sinusitis is a treatable disease"

In case of colds, condition of flu should be applied for more than 10 days, stressing that doctor should be consulted Dr. Cengiz, "Sinusitis is not a disease that is not possible to treat many people like chest. In particular, most important issue in chronic sinusitis is elimination of main cause of sinusitis. Drug treatment in acute sinusitis is done with antibiotic, nasal drops and anti-allergy medications that can take up to three weeks. However, elimination of se causes will prevent sinusitis from becoming a chronic disease, if re are reasons such as nasal flesh growth, nasal bone and cartilage curvature, allergies, "he said.

When is chronic sinusitis mentioned? The chronic sinusitis is cause of complaints lasting more than 12 weeks, and chronic sinusitis explains following:

  • If you have sore throats,
  • If your nose is drying and crustaceans,
  • If you are experiencing oral and dental health, you have a problem with mouth odor,
  • If you snore at night,
  • If you have a nasal obstruction,
  • If you cannot smell it,
  • If you're tired all time lately,
  • If you're coughing dry,
  • If your voice starts to change,
  • If you have a geniz discharge,
  • If re is a feeling of discomfort like sinking in your throat,
  • It is recommended that you see a doctor in your upper respiratory tract complaint lasting more than three weeks.

  • If you are recovering from winter infections in more than 10 days; If your illnesses repeat at short intervals, and most importantly, you may have chronic sinusitis if you have been complaining for more than 3 months. "

What are criteria that require surgery?

The ENT expert, option of surgery in sinusitis treatment can be stepped forward in following cases: "If patient has a chronicalized sinus and is detected by tomography, polyp is one that clogged sinuses Surgical decision is given if re is a high degree of infection in sinus and mechanical causes. Primary objective in surgery; Rar than clearing inflammation in sinus, it is to eliminate obstacles that lead to sinusitis and to ensure that sinus is ventilated. Inflammatory formations in sinus can be cleaned. Patients with endoscopic sinus surgery return to ir daily lives. " Photos: Getyy images Turkey


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