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And why are there no bulls in Catalonia?

One year of the constitutional ruling that lifted the ban on bullfighting was fulfilled

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There could be no more transgressor or radical experience in crisis in Catalonia than to organize a bullfight. They are celebrated daily, it is true, on or side of border-we do not speak of Spain, yet, but of France-, but bullfighting symbolizes perversion of evil as Spanish obscurantist and refractory anachronism to design society.

The Plaza de Barcelona has not opened again since packed José Tomás in 2011. Tarragona was also packed a few weeks ago, although y were more concerned with filling it Puigdemont and Junqueras in a hand-in-hand of separatist clamor. They seemed to Chamaco and cordovans of so much passion that y begat both in tenders.

Technically and legally speaking, it could be held tomorrow or past a bullfight in Catalonia. They were banned by Parlament in 2010, but now one year after ruling of Constitutional Court declaring Catalan chamber "incompetent". Not because "Spanish" symbol of bullfighting was being protected, but because arbitrary legislative powers which had led to prohibition were questioned.

We n thought of fans who had recovered Catalonia as recovering an old colony, not so much from conviction as from naivety. We imagine reopening of monumental in veneration of Joseph Thomas. We thought that Tarragona would recover his old fervor. And we were aware of disappointment, especially as bulls offered to discourse sovereignty a powerful derogatory argument: rejection of Iberian totem of bullfighting was added to disobedience to Constitutional Court.

They were-and are- bulls a magnificent pretext for staging or displaying "difference". The perseverance with which cornered "President" Montilla predisposed Catalan cultural exception, stripping of any link to Spanish idiosyncrasy. The bullfighting shows "own" are allowed in Catalonia, popular celebrations, correbous, Bulls of fire, where animals are abused much more than it happens in a bullfight, but solution prevailed to authorize m for cynicism of a calculation Electoral- municipal vote-and because it decided to subordinate Franciscan doctrine, goodies, to exuberant vitality of local folklore.

It imported little bullfighting to independence beyond eventual adherence to doctrine of societies odorless, colorless and insipid. It was very important to use it as a throwing argument. Catalonia-The Parlament-repudiation of "National Festival" in iconoclastic sense.

It is a vision as restrictive as it is effective. The Bulls are not national festival, but a Mediterranean cultural expression that has been rooted in France and has managed to extrapolate to Americas- Peruvian Roca Rey represents latest transatlantic phenomenon-but sovereignty propaganda has known Demote m to a bloodthirsty atavism Celtibérico.

The decision to prohibit m seems to interfere in freedoms, interfere in maturity and habits of an adult society that decides or not to go to squares. And that he cannot do it in Catalonia despite laws allowing it. To refute and prevent bullfighting, Generalitat exhibits its contempt for constitution and municipalities, beginning with Barcelona sweetener of Colau, cling to small print of permits and regulations, more or less as if a task of José Tomás was An exorcism to dream of independence.


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