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They took the kidney instead of the spleen.

The blood values of Ramadan Kerim Uçar (18) during the operation of the spleen was replaced by a solid kidney in Germany because he did not serve as a spleen in Germany...

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They took kidney instead of spleen Dervis Ugurlu Life News Introduction Date: 14.10.2017 The blood values of Ramadan Kerim Uçar (18) during operation of spleen was replaced by a healthy kidney because he did not serve spleen in Germany The scandal at Prof. Hess Children's Hospital in Bremen, Germany, gave rise to PEs. Ali Khan Uçar (18), when he was 18 years old because he did not perform his spleen, he decided to sleep with his doctor. His doctors said last week that surgery went well on Thursday. The family couldn't believe what y heard on Friday. Kerim had a kidney that worked accidentally while spleen was supposed to be taken. The hospital admitted mistake, " spleen and kidney were replaced. I'm sorry we accidentally got kidney "in a statement that hurt minds of form. When spleen was taken from a sturdy kidney and shocked in face of ir lives, Kerim Uçar, said to SABAH, "I have to go to hospital a week before my spleen is taken. They took my kidney instead of my spleen. We don't know what we're going to do. The doctor apologized, and y said, "We don't know how." I couldn't make it to myself three days after my kidney was taken. ' My spleen will be taken, I'll heal, ' while my sturdy kidney is gone. Now my body is so tired. I need to get into second surgery and get my spleen taken. But after that surgery, I started to freak out, "he said. It's a nightmare, mor Duru flies, "I have a disease in my children. Red blood cells are different. That's why spleen is breaking m. I had my spleen at same place at 12 in same hospital. I was shocked to hear my son accidentally got his kidney. We went to police. The police confiscated all files, "he said. Doctor: Insomnia She said she didn't even want to see her son's doctor. You're a 25-year-old doctor, how do you make such a mistake? You played with life of 18-year-old boy. " He replied, "I can't sleep at night."


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