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Besiktas broke the record!

The black-and-white team defeated France's Monaco team at the UEFA Champions League group G away 2-1, scoring 9. Besiktas, UEFA Champions...

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Besiktas broke the record!
Besiktas broke record! AA Football News Introduction Date: 17.10.2017 23:59 date of renovation: 18.10.2017 00:04 The black-and-white team defeated France's Monaco team at UEFA Champions League group G away 2-1, scoring 9. Besiktas, UEFA Champions League group stage reached highest score. Besiktas in 3 in group, UEFA Champions League, first Turkish team to achieve this title has achieved. Besiktas, away against French teams won first time in matches. Cenk Tosun, who scored 2 goals in struggle, reached 10 goals in European Cups and left Pancu with 8 goals and 9 goals.

Besiktas, UEFA Champions League group G 3. During week, away defeated Monaco from French league teams to 2-1, scoring group's score to 9.

In Monaco, II. The match played at Louis Stadium was 30. In minutes of goal of Radamel Falcao, Besiktas, Cenk Tosun's 34. In minute, he entered circuit between 1-1 in draw. In second half, black-and-white team, controlled by Cenk, scored 54. 2-1 minutes past front.

In first game of group G, away Porto defeated 3-1 Besiktas, second week, field of 2-0 defeated Leipzig. The black-and-whites who returned to 2-1 score in Monaco match continued to lead group by 9.

Monaco, who played semi-finals last season in UEFA Europa League, remained in last row with 1 points.

Besiktas, broke record

Besiktas, UEFA Champions League group stage reached highest score.

The black-and-white team achieved highest score in UEFA Champions League, which was 6 times in 2003-2004 and 2016-2017 seasons.

In 2003-2004 season, Romanian coach Mircea Lucescu managed in Europe's largest football organization with 2 wins in 6 appearances, 1 draw and 7 points at end of 3 defeats, black-and-white team, same score in Senol Gunes management last season Gared.

Senol Gunes Management Besiktas, groups reached 9 points, developed its own record. The black-and-whites also won 3 wins for first time in UEFA Champions League.

Besiktas important win

In group G 3, 3 Besiktas, UEFA Champions League, first Turkish team to achieve title of this.

In group, team, who defeated Porto and Leipzig in 2, made black-and-white teams best starting Turkish team in UEFA Champions League. Besiktas, Monaco won 3 in three.

First displacement victory against French

Besiktas won first time in his away against French teams.

Previously, French teams faced one time in foreign field with Auxerre, Paris Saint-Germain, Olympique Marseille, Olympique Lyon and Besiktas, none of se struggles could not prevail.

For first time in history of Monaco, black-and-white team won his first match with his opponent and received his first win away against French representatives.

Cenk Tosun, BA and Pancu passed

Besiktas striker Cenk Tosun, black-and-white jersey has reached 10 goals in European Cups.

Cenk scored his team's draw against Monaco, with a black-and-white jersey with 8 goals in European Cups, Senegalli Demba Ba, with 9 golli Romanian Daniel Pancu left behind.

Cenk Tosun, Besiktas jersey this season in UEFA Champions League 3. Scored.

Black-White 4-game series

Besiktas, Monaco won win series in European Cups won 4 spades.

Last season, UEFA Europa League in quarterfinals, France's Olympique Lyon team completed normal time of 2-1 ahead of game, and penalty for match, Besiktas, later won Porto and Leipzig encounters.

The black-and-white team, who defeated Monaco, completed last 4 matches in European tower.

Besiktas, 100. Won away match

The students of Senol Güneş were away in European Cups. He left game with three points.

100 in European Cups with Monaco meeting. Besiktas, Foreign field match, number of wins in outer field in Europe has been released to 24. The black-and-whites who returned from 19 European matches in displacement were defeated in 57 competition.

114 Times in outer field, rival Nets air-conditioned Besiktas, castle has seen 185 goals.

Besiktas filled vault

Besiktas, Monaco won 1 million 500 thousand euros in vault.

The UEFA Champions League won 1 million 500 thousand euros per win, while black-and-whites who reached 3 wins in group gained 4 million 500 thousand euros in total.

Turkish fans Statta

Despite decision not to take supporters of Besiktas club away, many Turkish fans watched match from stadium.

Despite strict control of safety forces, more than a thousand Turkish supporters entered Stada. Turkish fans celebrated Besiktas victory after match.


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