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Besiktas is printing money in Europe

In the UEFA Champions League 3 to 3, the black-and-whites filled the vault. Besiktas, the completion of the group matches 3 match before the UEFA 17.2 million...

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Besiktas is printing money in Europe
Besiktas is printing money in Europe AA Football News Introduction Date: 18.10.2017 11:36 update Tari Hi: 18.10.2017 11:47 in UEFA Champions League 3 to 3 in black-and-whites vault filled. Besiktas, completion of group matches 3 match, 17.2 million euros in UEFA earned right to receive. Besiktas expected to receive about 20m euros from pool revenues, top round will put 6 million euros in vault.

In UEFA Champions League group G, Besiktas scored 9 points with three wins, vault also filled.

In first match of band, Away 3-1, Leipzig in Vodafone Park 2-0, and Monaco in France by defeating 2-1 in UEFA Champions League three consecutive wins black-and-whites, followed by 4 million 500 thousand euros after se matches.

The only team to represent Turkey in UEFA Champions League, black-and-white team, deserved to participate in groups, and earned 12 million 700 thousand euros. Although group phases have not been completed, Besiktas has earned right to receive 17.2 million euros from UEFA as of current results.

With win against Monaco, Besiktas, which strengns possibility of leaving group, will put anor 6 million euros in vault if it rises to a higher round.

Black-and-whites will receive 1.5 million for every win in remaining 3 matches and 500 thousand euros for each draw.

Pool revenues will increase earnings

Besiktas will increase gain from Champions League with addition of UEFA's pool revenues.

Black-and-whites are expected to receive about 20m euros from pool revenues.

The most winning Turkish team

Besiktas will be Turkish team, which has won most revenue from European Cups since UEFA has recently increased its monetary prize.

Black-and-whites with 3 matches in front of m will receive 37 m euros this season, along with pool revenues. Besiktas can also increase number of possible field outcomes.

The black-and-whites will have a chance to win 6.5 million euros if y pass last 16 tours and have a quarter-finals.

UEFA's latest announced 2015-2016 season of Champions League club revenue distribution Galatasaray, 32 million 489 thousand euros had achieved.


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