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Italy-Macedonia 1-1, Blues disappointing: Play offs not yet centered

Not enough a network of Chiellini: In the recovery the Macedonians equalize and force the team of Ventura to still have to earn the point for the playoff in ">

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Turin- Italy is lost. The whistles of Turin salute new Fool of Blues, unable to beat Macedonia, number 103 of world and already eliminated from games. There comes a tie that delivers to national second place in group, minimum goal, and Spain ticket to Russia with a few days in advance, however re had never been doubts about hierarchies practically from day of draw, two Years and a half ago. But goal of Palermo Trajkovski, which unleashed Macedonian festival, also unleashes a nemesis against Ventura, who on eve had claimed with a guest journalist his little great result: having brought Italy to play-offs with two days in advance , Mica pizza and figs. Instead, in complicated maze of rules and numbers, national team is second but not yet sure to go to playoffs: it may be certainty already tomorrow, however, if Bosnia will not beat Belgium already qualified. And yet it would really be a disaster in Monday, with a combination of unfavorable results, to become worst of second and get rid of it. The real trouble is devastating effect that this false step will have on ranking: Italy waited for month of October to discard ballast of two draws of Prandelli management against Armenia and Denmark, in 2013, and same CT had discharged on its predecessors Responsibility for having precipitated country so low in Fifa ranking. Now, if it goes to world, it will surely be in a little noble band (second or third, even). And in this sudden crisis of certainties, it risks a nightmare draw, Tuesday 17 in Zurich: On October 16 will be published new Fifa ranking, and will aunticate one for Heads of series and matches in play-offs (and, n, also for world draw in San Petersburg, on 1 December). At moment, Italy would be in protected urn toger with Portugal, Wales and Croatia: it could fish one between Sweden, Norrn Ireland, Denmark and Scotland. But picture is constantly becoming and alarm grows: in Albania against Panucci will not be a walk. At Olympic Stadium Grande Torino, blues, or whatever remains of injuries, have provided an embarrassing proof, without play, desire, ideas. Ventura has deployed 3-4-3, restoring BBC in Refinde (in front of Buffon in complete blue, to inaugurate New Jersey), launching Verdi holder in Trident-almost a novice-and arranging interior pair Paroo-Gagliardi, reinforced From two exteriors like Darmian and Zai called constantly to fold more than to push. The Macedonian technician Angelovski was mirrored, employing Ristovski as a loyal marker on Insigne and asking Hasani to stay wider in offensive triptych. It came out a first time alive as a brick, in which Insigne has wasted only goal ball after a triangle with real estate at 7 ' and however he had right idea to trigger his friend Ciro in action of advantage, ended by comfortable tap-in of Chiellini. In Shooting, with a game to close quickly, Italy has revised fears of way, lost enamel and rhythm, it was made to take to hips. Even changes made a difference in favor of Macedonia: not Bernardeschi for Ventura but Trajkovski for Angelovski, who pierced Buffon and wrote most just result at bottom of a mediocre game. Italy is almost first in Group of Spain, it is almost at playoffs, it is almost World Cup. A sum of unfinished things that could result in powder. And, right now, above, it's hardly even a team. Italy-MACEDONIA 1-1ITALIA (3-4-3)- Buffon 5.5-Barzagli 6 (1 ' St Rugai 6), Balogun 5, Chiellini 6-Zai 5.5, Paroo 5, Gagliardi 5 (30 ' St Cristante SV), Darmian 5-Verdi 5.5 (19 ' St Bernardeschi 5.5), real estate 6, Insigne 6. MACEDONIA (3-4-3)- Dimitrievski 6-Ristovski 6, Musliu 6, Velkoski 5.5 (31 ' st Zajkov SV)-Radeski 6, Spirovski 6.5, Bardi 6.5, Abbas 6-Hasani 5.5 (19 ' St Trajkovski 7), Nestorovski 6, Pandev 6.5 (35 ' st Trickovski SV) referee: Martins (Por) 6. Networks: 40 ' pt Chiellini, 33 ' St Trajkovskinotes: Admonished Spirovski, Hasani, Paroo. Spectators 22,603, recessed 260,511 euro.


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