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First precaution for Wi-Fi breach came from Microsoft

Security updates have been initiated by technology giants for the Wi-Fi vulnerability that endangers all wireless networks on the globe. The first update was released by Microsoft.

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First precaution for Wi-Fi breach came from Microsoft

Researchers working on Internet security announced that WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) protocol that protects wireless modems has been violated. Because it is much safer than WEP encryption, WPA2 protocol, which is preferable and no longer violated, poses a huge risk for moment.

Affecting all Wi-fi tools in both individual and enterprise area, this reveals data such as a shared credit card, password, message, email, and photos on network. The fact that this vulnerability is in WPA2 requires all manufacturers to update software.

  • Microsoft, which publishes first update on operating system side, states that re is no way to be feared on computers that are receiving automatic updates.
  • Apple said it would close with updates that will be released shortly, while Google announced that updates on Android side are on way.

After this security breach, all information on a WPA2-protected Wi-Fi network can now be traced to "krack" technique. It makes situation worse by adding harmful content to data traffic between system and modem, as well as tracking it. A researcher states about this issue, stating that manufacturer notified about 2 months ago.


At this point, only thing users can do is keep modem hardware and operating systems up to date.

The technology WPA2 protocol was violated: Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable


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