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Gold silver spread in space cavity detected

After the collision of two neutrons of neutron stars, traces of precious metals such as gold and silver were detected in the debris emitted into the space cavity.

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Gold silver spread in space cavity detected

Scientists have determined that catalytic explosion of two neutron stars has spread precious metals such as gold and silver into space.

In U.S., Laser Interferometer Mass Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) said that twin detectors of observatory in Washington and Louisiana were a powerful gravitational wave from around 130 million light-years from world on 17 August The signal received, at same time as U.S. Aviation and Space Chamber (NASA) Fermi Space Telescope in sky recorded a gamma radiation reported.

According to statement, scientists have determined that two influences were caused by same cosmic event, which resulted in collision of two rapidly rotating neutron stars around each or. With information of LIFO, it turned into an explosion called "Kilonova" to observe radiation and propagation effects of nearly 70 satellites and telescopes orbiting globe or in orbit. The teletop and measuring devices detected distinctive chemical traces of gold, silver and platinum, which were found in debris emitted after explosion.


Ligo had previously managed to record mass gravitational waves resulting from collision of giant black holes, but did not accompany any direct observation such as glow. Gravity waves were noted for first time with observable effects of event which caused ripple effect.

The Secret of Gold

Scientists underline that recording of collision of neutron stars is of great importance for understanding material structure of universe. The secret of how precious metals such as gold, which have been engaged in alchemy for centuries, has also clarified this observation.

It is only 20 kilometres wide, but substance content of a teaspoon of neutron stars from 1.1 to 1.6 times heavier than sun has a mass weight of up to mount Everest in world. In universe, source of precious metals such as heavy iron, gold, silver, platinum and uranium is believed to be remains of space emitted by explosion of neutron stars. The traces detected after collision confirmed this assumption.


Mass gravitational waves are defined as ripple effects caused by large-scale mass movements in universe's Uzam-time tissue. The gravitational waves that Albert Einstein revealed in general relativity ory 100 years ago were first recorded by Ligo in September 2015.

In that observation, Ligo managed to record gravitational ripple effect that emerged from merger of two giant black hole--colliding with each or over 1.3 billion light years from Earth.

Then, in January 2015 and 2017, gravitational waves caused by colliding black holes were recorded twice.


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