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How much does iphone X and 8 cost? – Here are all the features

Since the debut of the first series, the ' iphone ' continues to arouse curiosity with its new products, which have dragged millions of people into pursuit. Apple's long time...

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How much does iphone X and 8 cost? – Here are all the features
How much does iphone X and 8 cost? – Here are all features entry date: 16.10.2017 15:07 from first series, millions of The CA continues to arouse curiosity with new products from ' iphone ' that drags people after m. Apple's long awaited iphone series comes at beginning of iphone X and 8. So what's price of iphone X and 8... Here are details:

The question of ' How to overseas prices ' came to mind with fact that IPhone 8 models have been given price of sales in Turkey. The iphone 8, which has a 4.7-inch display, has a price of 64 GB on iphone 8, and U.S. sales price of model is 699 dollars. The same model has a capacity of 256 GB and is available for sale from 849 dollars.

The price of 64 GB of IPhone 8 Plus is 799 dollars in United States. A user who wants to receive a 256 GB IPhone 8 Plus is reviewing 949 dollar.

Wireless charging feature has arrived

At first glance, re are significant innovations in details of iphone 8, which looks similar to iphone 7 models in terms of design. Apple has been using a metal casing for a long time, giving up iphone 8 models to back surface of a glass design.

Especially in terms of design, gold color models attract attention. The or notable feature of IPhone 8 is wireless charger. This is an important feature for recovering users from cables. Performance has also been improved with A11 bionic processor of model. In addition, camera performance and battery performance are among remarkable features of IPhone 8.

iphone X 10. Year Custom produced

Apple's 10th. The year-special IPhone X 64 GB model will be sold to 6099 Lira in Apple Store in Turkey. The IPhone X 256 GB is available for sale in 6899 lira.

On October 27th, launch of IPhone X, which will be pre-order on date, has emerged as a feature that does not introduce. With this feature, users will be able to eliminate notification problem, which is a frustrating situation for some users of IOS.

Fingerprint sensor not found

There are no fingerprint sensors on IPhone X device. Instead of this feature, Apple users are not accustomed to face ID, i.e. face recognition. Looking at features added to device, Apple Face ID feature is highly active compared to follow.

This feature, which was not even mentioned in Face ID's Lasma, appeared in Phone Arena block. As you know, notifications from IOS devices can be easily read from lock screen. The Buddha is compromising confidentiality for many users. When this happens, users have to leave this feature open at any cost to be notified of notifications.

However, according to Face ID feature recognized on IPhone X device, no one else is visible to owner of device. When it comes to iphone X, owner can see notification when device lifts phone. However, notification does not appear if someone else tries to do same when notification arrives. So in short, facial recognition system on device shows notifications from only face-defined device owner.

With its design and hardware, Apple has not mentioned launch, but it seems to conquer its users.


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