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Contraception: Trump cancels the obligation to reimburse contraception by employers

The decision provoked the wrath of the advocacy associations.

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The Trump administration cancelled Friday, October 6, a provision of "Obamacare" act that required employers to take care of contraceptives in health coverage offered to ir employees. Already granted to religious institutions, exemption is extended to all commercial enterprises.

This decision provoked wrath of advocacy associations. "We are launching lawsuits against Trump administration in order to block" this measure, quickly reacted on Twitter powerful American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU – American Civil Liberties Union).

BREAKING: We're suing Trump administration to block new rules allowing employers to deny insurance coverage for ... Https://

— ACLU (@ACLU) "sexism"

"Don't be deceived." Targeting access of 62.4 million women to contraception shows disregard of Trump administration for health and life of women, dealt on same social network American Family planning organization planned Parenthood.

The hashtag #HandsOffMyBC ("Touchepasàmacontraception") was among most commented topics in world on Twitter in early afternoon.

"This is nothing less than sexism," said Bernie Sanders, former candidate for U.S. presidential Democrat nomination. "This is last expression of Republicans ' total disregard for ability of women to control ir lives," he tweeted.

"Moral Convictions"

The new regulation "extends exemptions to protect moral convictions of certain entities and individuals," states note published by Ministry of Health. The full repayment obligation was subject to protest by conservative groups almost since enactment of law in 2010.

In a long legal battle, Supreme Court had given reason in 2014 to two companies who refused, in name of ir religious convictions, to comply with m. In May, Mr Trump signed a decree on religious freedom, in particular, ordering his administration to take into account "conscientious objections" to management of contraception.


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