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Found in the Viking tombs ' God ' written fabric

9th in Sweden. On the Viking tombs of the 19th century, ' Allah ' and ' Ali ' written clothes and fabrics were found. Annika Larsson, a researcher at the University of Uppsala, the ancient History and Archaeology department, said the ' Vikings may have been influenced by the belief of eternal life in heaven after the Islamic religion and death '.

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Annika Larsson, a researcher at University of Uppsala, former age and archaeology, said that during examination of Viking tombs uneard in Birka, Allah and Ali found written clos and fabrics.

  • "It was an intriguing discovery. The Vikings may have been influenced by belief of eternal life in heaven after Islamic religion and death ".

"The Vikings were burying ir dead with dresses and jewels," Larsson pointed out that Arabic letters of words were written with type of Kufic, which was used in plain, angular and geometrically. In tombs, we found some silk garments and fabrics embroidered with silver stripes and Allah and ALI statements. The discovery caused excitement. The clos that were processed in se statements were usually put on head of dead. We have encountered se statements in some pillows, "he said.

Noting cultural exchange between Vikings and Islamic realm, Larsson noted, "There was a cultural exchange between Scandinavia and Central Asia along Volga River of Russia. These fabrics, which came from graves, were eir purchased or looted through trade route. What's interesting here is unremarkable cultural change. According to some sources, Muslim Arabs traveled to West for trade or or purposes. "


"The Vikings were influenced by life of Islam and Heaven."
  • The Vikings say that y have found many findings that indicate that after death of life, Larsson said, ' ' The Viking God Oden is a warrior who emigrated from Asia and settled in Malardalen region of Sweden. The Vikings believed that life continued after death and that re was eternal life in heaven. This belief was directly influenced by Islam. ' ' he stated.

Larsson added that clothing and fabrics found in tombs were exhibited at Enköping Museum from last week, and exhibition will remain open until 3 February 2018.

Two years ago, God was found in a written ring
  • Two years ago, on a dig at Björkö Island, 9th. In Viking Tomb of Century, a written ring was revealed to Allah.


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