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Ikby lost half of the oil supply in three days

Following the informal referendum of Ikby, the Iraqi army has progressed to many regions, particularly in Kirkuk, with the operation initiated by the Iraq military. The Iraqi central government has been monitoring the operation since three days, and in most of the disputed regions, three years later.

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Ikby lost half of the oil supply in three days

The Iraqi central government, especially in Kirkuk, has given its status again three years after majority of disputed regions.

Tensions between Iraqi Kurdish Regional administration (IKBY) and Iraqi central government erupted by Erbil administration's referendum on September 25th, including controversial regions in a unilateral decision.

The tension between Erbil and Baghdad has climbed even furr with common forces of Haddi Shai, Iraqi army and federal Police to control entire city in morning before conflict.

  • North Oil Company, Baba Gurgur oil deposits, K1 military base, power plant, Mullah Abdullah refinery, Kirkuk Airport, Tazeurmatu headquarters, Leylan, Dakuk, Yayci, Tirkalan Towns, Tikrit Bridge, main highway in south of Kirkuk has been completely controlled.

Iraqi forces have re-audit disputed regions after three years of break.


The progress of Iraqi security forces was estimated to be limited to Kirkuk, but it became clear with progress on second day, covering all disputed regions of operation.

On 2nd day of operation, Iraqi forces, Sincar in west of Mosul, south of Mahmur District and east, Rabia border crossing between Iraq and Syria, Mosul Dam, Hanekin district of Diala Province, Karatepe and Celavla Controlled in towns.

As a result of an operation that lasted approximately 48 hours, Peshmerga forces withdrew many of territories that terror organization had seized from Deaş in year 2014, without conflict.

Ikby lost half of oil supply

Ikby procured half of its daily exports from oil wells of Mr. Hassan and Havana in Kirkuk, where he had taken control of it from June 2014.


As a result of Kirkuk operation, Ikby lost two important oil wells, approximately 300 thousand barrels of oil per day are expressed in loss.

Status of disputed regions and article 140
  • In order to determine status of disputed regions between Iraqi central government and Ikby, article 140 of Constitution included census and referendum after normalization of those regions until 2007.
  • However, it has been 10 years since this substance entered into force, but no developments have been made.
  • The disputed regions include whole of Kirkuk province, Salahaddin's Tuzhurmatu district, town of Diala's Hanekin, Karatepe, Celavla and Mendeli towns, and towns of Mosul and village of Basika with districts of Mahmur, Sincar and Seyhan.


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