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Training materials of the "coding" course are ready

In the Ministry of National Education, coding trainings will begin to be given 5. Information technologies for classrooms and instructional materials prepared for the software course are available.

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National Education Ministry (MEB), coding trainings will begin to be given 5. The teaching materials for classes and information technologies for software course were made available to teachers and students. MEB Basic Education General Manager Cem Gençoğlu, impact of development and change in information technologies in all areas as well as in field of education expressed itself, he said. The information that provides quick access to any required data and Pointing out that communication technologies have become an indispensable element of everyday life, Gençoğlu said, "Today's children open ir eyes to a world surrounded by technology and meet this technology as soon as y are reborn. Our students take a life that is intertwined with technology at almost every point in his life ". Gençoğlu, Ministry of National Education to teach students how to use technology accurately, effectively and efficiently, and to use technological materials as a useful educational tool, continue to work without a break . Stating that y aimed to increase qualifications of students in this regard by addressing this issue in all of updated teaching programmes, Gençoğlu said that in this context it is given a distinct emphasis on information technologies and software course . Secondary School 5. For first time this year, classes will be given information technologies and software courses to be taught by students, Gençoğlu, in this context to update training programs of se classes completed work reported. Gençoğlu stated that within framework of Cooperation Protocol signed with Google, teaching materials that students and teachers for information technologies and software courses will be developed. Comprehensive studies made I Gençoğlu, coordination of General Directorate of Basic Education, with Google support, academicians, teachers and many experts working toger with materials, students and teachers provided rich and viable resources, he noted . Gençoğlu, "interactive classroom activity applications, work papers, presentations, videos, animations, posters and teacher's Guide are prepared for application of information technologies and software course, as well as qualified materials. From this year onwards, teachers, students and parents can easily access materials from ' ' address and EBA. " With materials prepared under information technologies and software course, it is supported by games, expressing an engaging course environment, Gençoğlu stated that y have also begun to work on teacher training. As Ministry, in order to promote both curriculum and prepared instructional materials, in-service training and distance learning methods and information technologies and software courses to reach all teachers Gençoğlu, 6. and preparation of materials for classes, he added.


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